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Cloud Storage Policy Overview


This policy promotes good practice to ensure users are aware of the risks when utilising online storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive for University data. These risks are explained in the policy, which will help the user to mitigate those risks. All staff and students have access to Google Drive via Google Apps based on their logon ID. The long-term retention of University documents using Cloud Storage is not appropriate, and other alternatives (for SHU staff only) such as SharePoint and shared drives should be utilised.

Key Points

  • Data regarding individuals must not be stored in the cloud, except in the very specific circumstances described in the policy,
  • Do not use cloud storage for the long-term retention of University documents or files, especially sensitive University data see Data Protection Policy,
  • The use of SHU Google Drive accounts or Microsoft Onedrive for Business as part of the University Office 365 is recommended if cloud storage must be used,
  • Do not store the only copy of a file in cloud storage, ensure that a copy is stored on University resources for back up purposes,
  • Any mobile device holding personal or sensitive data which is accessing cloud storage, must be encrypted and password protected.

The Policy Document

The complete policy can be found here.


Further guidance is available in the Electronic Data Encryption Policy.

The DTS Help pages (for SHU staff only) contain further guidance on


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