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Network Managment Policy Overview


This policy promotes good practice to ensure secure network facilities to minimise system failure whilst maintaining the availability of IT services, software and data. Documentation of daily and weekly schedules, data back-up procedures, alerts and alarms, and equipment maintenance and warranty arrangements must be maintained. Logs must be maintained of data centre temperatures, any inspections, and power outages. All network services should have contingency plans in place, capacity planning carried out, along with virus detection and control products in place. University-owned devices may access the network, and external access can be provided via the Virtual Private Network (for SHU staff only).

Key Points

  • All network services must have systematic and resilient backup and contingency plans,
  • All third party equipment must comply with the current security recommendations,
  • Documentation and logs must be kept up to date,
  • Firewalls are configured by default for a deny-all policy,
  • Capacity planning to be carried out,
  • Virus detection and advice,
  • Personally owned equipment must not be connected to the wired network,
  • A log must be kept of wireless network access,
  • Systems requiring off-campus access must be registered and security checked by Networks and Infrastructure.

The Policy Document

The complete policy can be found here.


Further guidance is currently under development.

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