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Regulations for the Use of IT Facilities and Learning Resources Overview


These regulations promote good practice to ensure that all users of University IT facilities and learning resources are aware of, and understand the implications of using these systems. Some are legal obligations, some protect you and other people and some are to safeguard the reputation of the University. There are specific references to personal and commercial usage of these facilities. You should make sure that you are aware of the regulations because failure to comply could have serious implications for you and the University, and may necessitate the use of the University Monitoring Policy. Users must comply with all relevant UK legislation.

Key Points

UCISA (the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association) has produced a brief summary of its model regulations on which the text below is based. This should help you remember the key points but you need to read and be familiar with the full IT Regulations document.

Governance - Don't break the law, do abide by the University's regulations and policies, and do observe the regulations of any third parties whose facilities you access

Identity - Don't allow anyone else to use your IT credentials, don't disguise your online identity and don't attempt to obtain or use anyone else's

Infrastructure - Don't put the institution's IT facilities at risk by introducing malware, interfering with hardware or loading unauthorised software. Contact IT Help (via to get equipment moved or if it's damaged or missing

Information - Safeguard personal data, respect other people's information and don't abuse copyright material. Ensure that access to systems and data is updated or removed when users change role or leave. Remember that data regarding individuals must be encrypted when held on mobile, portable or home devices, or on cloud storage. Report IT security breaches and risks to IT Help (ext 3333 or via

Behaviour - Don't waste or misuse IT resources, interfere with others' legitimate use or behave towards others in a way that would not be acceptable face to face

The Policy Document

The full regulations can be found here.


Further guidance is currently under development.

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